Sean Alsobrooks


My name is Sean Alsobrooks.
I may be the perfect person to work with your team as a UX Designer.

I’ve been doing UX work for clients and  my own products since 1999. I’ve launched over 140 web and app projects for both large and small companies. At the heart of each of these projects has been the process of information architecture. For the past 18 years I’ve been creating intuitive user flows, design paths, sitemaps and wireframes to help people solve their problems.


I believe UX encompasses all aspects of the user’s interaction with a company from its customer service through to the quality of its products. This is where my experience and expertise shine. I’ve started several of my own businesses and for each one I’ve learned to think about the big picture – the entire customer experience.


A key UX design skill is learning how to make the user experience the absolute best it can be, whether the product is software, hardware, websites or apps. In my role I’ve served as the glue that holds the entire product team together; designing and testing based on client goals and user feedback then translating those designs to developers for deployment.


  • I’ve created sitemaps for dozens of projects.
  • I’ve translated sitemaps into wireframes – both low and high fidelity.
  • I’ve created prototypes for user testing and client demonstration.
  • I’ve presented my research to both clients and team members.
  • I’ve learned to continually test, iterate and repeat.
  • I’ve taught both clients and team members on the principles of UX design.

15 reasons why I’d be a great team member:

  1. I work well with others. I put the team first and I know how to get along with people.
  2. I work quickly. I don’t rush, but I get stuff done.
  3. I’ve been designing products since 1999. (AKA – lots of hours designing user experiences and interaction)
  4. I love the process. Research, brainstorming, prototyping, designing and testing.
  5. I have almost two decades of experience communicating and presenting to clients.
  6. I work with focus, energy and enthusiasm.
  7. I have a deep respect and passion for the craft. (see number 3)
  8. I’m a good visual designer and I can add high fidelity to UX/UI work when needed.
  9. I have deep empathy for people (users) and love to help fix their frustrations.
  10. I can identify user experience problems. (I see what’s broken)
  11. I‘m available to start working immediately.
  12. I’m constantly balancing user needs with business needs. (I’m an entrepreneur)
  13. I know how to communicate clearly. I’ve spoken in public hundreds of times.
  14. I use the tools. (Sketch, OmniGraffle, Photoshop, InVision, Principle,
  15. I will bring incredible value to you and your clients.

I grew up in Detroit.
I love college football.
I’m a donut enthusiast.

I live in Knoxville, TN with my wife Sara, our 3 daughters and our dog Baxter. My entire career I’ve been designing brands, products, apps and websites.

Previously I’ve founded Kanvess, an Instagram printing service. Most recently, my wife and I started a local business, Makers Donuts. Much of my focus is spent thinking through design systems, designing interfaces, and obsessing over building beautiful user experiences.


My favorite food. I’ve traveled across the USA searching for the very best.


I only watch movies at the theater. Something about the popcorn.


My family lived in Cali for 8 years and I still miss the San Diego sunshine.


I own two old motorcycles and this summer I did a 2,000 mile road trip.


I don’t miss the winters but I’ll always have a sweet spot for my home state.


I love the beautiful outdoors and camping (glamping) with my family.

Sean Alsobrooks

I’m available for a full time position immediately.

Sean Alsobrooks
Knoxville, TN